Safety Limit Testing

Boiler Safety Limit Testing Done Right!

There are numerous safety limit devices on your boiler providing critical real world information to the burner management system.  Annual testing of safety limits are required by law in the tri-state area underscoring how important these devices are to overall boiler safety.  The following list includes a limited list of code required safety switches that must be tested annually.

Aux Low Water Cut-out Low Water Alarm
Low Low Water Alarm High Water Alarm
High High Water Alarm Low Fuel Gas Pressure
High Fuel Gas Pressure Safety Shut Off Valves
Proof of Purge Air Flow Proof of Combustion Air Flow
Dampers in Purge Position Dampers in Low Fire Position
Pilot Flame Senses Main Flame Sensed
Actuators in Low Fire Position High Steam Pressure
High High Steam Pressure Low Oil Pressure Switch


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safety limit testing