Boiler Emission Monitoring

NOx, CO and PM Monitoring

Boiler plants that exceed 50 tons per year of NOx (Oxides of Nitrogen) emissions are frequently mandated by state or federal agencies to continuously monitor their stack emissions.  Continuously monitoring stack flue gas is a very specialized equipment field that few companies get done right.  Trace Environmental has a nationwide installed base of utility grade emissions monitors that are world class.

ABLE Co carries Trace Environmental Systems Emissions monitoring equipment.  Trace Environmental is an innovative, problem-solving team of technical professionals dedicated to ensuring complete and reliable compliance with continuous stack monitoring and reporting regulations for clients across industries. With more than 400 installations, Trace has led the way in at least four separate industries, including ethanol production facilitieswaste energy plantsmarketing storage terminals, and wastewater incineration. Other industries we have extensive experience include automotive, refinery, pharmaceutical, chemical, and LNG production.

In addition, Trace has done extensive work in the power-generation market, and both DAS 2000 and WebDAS2K have full support for XML EDR reporting to ECMPS. We also install our CEMS and our Data Acquisition and Handling System (DAHS) at utility companies, universities, hospitals, co-gen’s, central utility plants and other sources of power generation.

To complement our CEMS, Trace has been providing Predictive Emissions Monitoring Systems (PEMS) for over a decade. Our team of field support personnel are based throughout the United States and serve clients from Hoboken to Honolulu.

With our Web-based data acquisition system utilizing a browser-based user interface, users leverage the latest technology for ease of use along with reliability, security, and full regulatory compliance.

Trace provides a fully compliant (PS-6) stack flow meter (CEMS Flow-500) as well as a fully integrated, heated sample handler (HSC-101) for hot/wet CEM sample handling applications.

At our headquarters in Sparta, New Jersey, we also have a large stock of parts and components, ready for quick deliveries, to help clients on a scheduled or emergency basis.

Does you plant use a CEMS system for emissions monitoring?  Give ABLE Company a call today at (203) 876-0636 if you need an upgrade or are experiencing problems with your existing system.