Boiler Economizers

Maximize Boiler Efficiency

E-Tech Economizers and Heat Recovery Products

E-Tech custom manufactures economizer products to fit your applications flawlessly. Their engineering expertise becomes especially valuable to customers seeking to retrofit an existing heat recovery system — whether it’s a gas-to-liquid, gas-to-gas or air-to-air application. Their ability to custom design and build economizers and heat recovery components to work with existing configurations means that the resulting solution is easily installed and virtually as efficient as a ground-up waste heat recovery system.

ABLE Co. carries E-Tech Economizers.  Economizers lower flue gas temperatures by preheating feedwater entering the boiler. The rise in water temperature allows the boiler to produce steam using less fuel, thereby significantly lower fuel consumption and operating costs. Customers will realize a 1% increase in efficiency for every 40° F decrease in flue gas temperature.

If you don’t have an economizer on your high pressure boiler or it has failed, call ABLE Company today at (203) 876-0636 so we can talk about how to put savings back into your operations budget!

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