NYCDEP Qualified Combustion Performance Testing

Combustion Testing Done Right!

NYCDEP requires Annual Performance Testing to be be conducted for all fuels at high fire (80 to 100% Load) and also at low fire for boilers equal to or greater than 4.2mmbtu/hr.

Customers that have routine maintenance contracts with ABLE Co receive the additional benefit of receiving this mandatory filing document completely filled out by our technicians, ready to be sent to NYCDEP.  Why risk being fined by the DEP for incorrectly filed form?

ABLE Co. field technicians all hold NYCDEP Qualified Combustion Tester licenses certifying competency in boiler combustion testing.

Data is collected and documented from the following data points as part of the required testing protocol:

  • Combustion Efficiency %
  • O2 % in flue gas
  • CO2 % in flue gas
  • Excess air %
  • Stack temperature °F
  • CO, NOx and SOx ppm
  • Smoke Bacharach #

Give ABLE a call today at (203) 876-0636 to discuss how we can support your NYCDEP required combustion testing.

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