Burner Management Systems

Leveraging decades of experience, our NeXgen BMS system is responsible for safe startup and shutdown of boiler burners of all types. Our standard NeXgen BMS product offering is fully compliant with NFPA 85 and UL508A and can fire a wide array of gaseous and liquid fuels.

The primary purpose of the BMS is to assure safe burner operation. It provides safe shutdown of the boiler if it detects a problem with the safety interlocks and sequences the fan and dampers during purge, ignition, and post purge. Functions such as pre-purge, recycling interlocks, high fire proving interlock, flame detection and trial for ignition are controlled by the NeXgen BMS control system. The BMS can be provided as a standalone system within a dedicated control panel or it can be integrated with NeXgen CCS to provide an all-in-one cabinet solution for a complete boiler control solution, NeXgen Combo.

BMS that is easy to use

Utilizing a standard color HMI touchscreen interface operators can start and stop the burner, monitor critical safety devices conditions and provide equipment alarm status to aid in troubleshooting operational issues.

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