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The NeXgen CCS is ABLE Company’s standard combustion control solution, compatible with any natural gas and/or fuel oil fired industrial burner. Featuring fully metered combustion air, fuel and feedwater control loops, cross limited with oxygen trim, draft control and 3 element drum water level control it provides an intelligent state of the art boiler control system for your boiler.

The primary responsibility of a BMS is to safely lighting off the burner system. Once this is accomplished successfully it is the CCS’s role to take control of the boiler and modulate fuel and combustion air as needed to meet plant steam or hot water demand.

Combustion Air flow control is accomplished through measurement of the air flow in conjunction with the use of flow transmitters, VFDs and electro-pneumatic damper positioner’s. This airflow will be fine-tuned though the PLC based Oxygen Trim control loop to maintain the optimum combustion efficiency.

CCS that is easy to use

The Fuel Control Loop includes metered inputs and will position the fuel valves supplied by the boiler/burner manufacturer. Fuel and air will also be cross limited to avoid a fuel rich atmosphere during load changes.

Furnace Draft control will be accomplished using draft transmitters for furnace pressure in conjunction with positioners for the outlet dampers.

Boiler drum water level is controlled using a three-element control strategy to provide the highest level of stability. This system will revert to single element control when steam flow is at or below 20%. This entire control system shall be designed such that only a minimum of operator intervention will be required to operate the boilers.

Each NeXgen Combustion Control System is contained within a dedicated control cabinet containing the PLC, fusing, color HMI touchscreen and all components to deliver a fully functional Combustion Control System.

The CCS can be provided as a standalone system within a dedicated control panel or it can be integrated with NeXgen BMS to provide an all-in-one cabinet solution for a complete boiler control solution, NeXgen Combo.

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