Critical & Spare Parts

Boiler Room Parts Done Right!

Since our inception in 1972, ABLE Company has been providing critical replacement and boiler spare parts to our customers across the tristate area.  While it’s true that some parts can be purchased on the internet there is no guarantee that you will receive the correct part.  In fact, many times we discover the reason why an instrument or valve doesn’t last as long as expected is because it was sized incorrectly.  We have decades of experience with sizing and selecting Hart transmitters, pressure regulators, valves, pressure switches, if it’s in your boilerplant we know how to properly select a replacement   We stand behind all parts that we sell, if there is a problem, we will immediate start remediation efforts to discover root cause and correct the problem.

Below is list of some of the instrumentation manufacturers that we have experience with.

  • ABB
  • Acromag
  • AGM
  • Allen-Bradley
  • ASCO
  • Ashcroft
  • Bailey
  • Barksdale
  • Brooks
  • Cash
  • Acme/Tyco
  • Cashco
  • Clark Reliance
  • ClevelandControls
  • Conoflow
  • Control Concepts
  • Copes
  • COSA
  • Danfoss
  • Deitrich Standard
  • Delevan
  • Devar
  • Dixon
  • Durag
  • Dwyer
  • Eclipse
  • Endress & Hausser
  • EurothermChessell
  • Ernst
  • Fairchild
  • Fireye
  • Fisher
  • MSA
  • Omega
  • Penberthy
  • Preferred
  • Red Lion
  • Ronan
  • Rosemount
  • SOR
  • Spence
  • Square D
  • Swagelock
  • Tate Jones
  • Temp-Pro
  • Tyco
  • Verabar
  • Vulcan
  • Warren Electric
  • Warrick
  • Westinghouse
  • Yokogawa Foxboro
  • Hagen
  • Hauck
  • Hays
  • HaysCleveland
  • Hoffman
  • Honeywell
  • IDEC
  • IMO Pumps
  • Intec
  • Iris
  • ITTBarton
  • ITTGeneral
  • Jamesbury
  • Jordan
  • KesslerEllis
  • Leslie Controls
  • Magnatrol Valve
  • Maxitrol
  • Maxon
  • McCrometer
  • McDonald Miller
  • Micro Mod
  • MicroMotion
  • Modicon
  • Moore/Siemens

Please call ABLE Company for all of your boiler plant instrumentation needs!

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